Why a “thin place”?

A “thin place” is a Celtic concept of a place where the veil between heaven and Earth is thin, and one can more easily have an encounter with the other side. These places are often geographical, but may also be temporal. In other words, a thin place may be a place in space or in time. Some might say that the word “holy” could be used instead of “thin.”

Below is a video that briefly describes the Celtic concept of thin places. The sound is not spectacular, but the words are descriptive and well done. The video focuses primarily on Ireland, though anyone open to thin places will know they exist in all corners of the Earth.

Why “A Thin Place ministries”?

My desire – the call within my heart – is to create a thin place here. A place in cyberspace where people who gather feel close to the Divine. A place where people are drawn into relationship with the Holy One, with all that the Holy One has created, and in so doing, find a deeper relationship with themselves.

Here is another poetic take on thin places. Again, the focus is on Ireland, but listen more intently to what is being said about thin places, whether places or not or Irish or not.

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