A Thin Place

Where the veil between Heaven and Earth is thin.

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December 2013

Advent 2013 – A New Hope

Holy One,
We need you more than ever.
I know that you know that, but I need to really truly come to that place of surrender.
It is not the place most people I talk to seem to think it is.
It is a place of rest.
A place of reclaiming my place in you and in your unfolding Creation.
I don’t have to be in control of everything. I can’t be.
I can’t even know everything in order to control it.
As it turns out, I know next to nothing.
But I know you.
Not in a way that has me understand you and be able to explain you.
But in a way that a child knows a loving parent.
I know that I don’t need to be in control, because you are, have been, and will be Creator, Lover, Sustainer of all.
And so I thank you, God, for this season of remembering and allowing you to be reborn in me.
May it be so.


I don’t know what will happen with this site this Advent. I do know that I feel oh so intensely strongly a desire to be very active here at this time. I just don’t know at this point what will actually happen.

Truth be told, I’m acutely aware this year that I need this Advent time.

But I also know that one of the reasons that I need it so much is that I am so distracted by trying to make ends meet and really figure out what God is calling me to.  Where is my heart?  For it goes before me somewhere and I know not where exactly it goes, other than it goes ahead of me to where I was created to be.

Okay. Enough poetic, amorphic stuff.  Time for some more prayer and preparation for this season of prayer and preparation.

May Christ guide us all gently, yet clearly.